Monday 8 October 2012

October...A fresh start?

So at least I am hear just a month late! My big project at work is starting to slow down, so I am finally home, having some quality time with my sewing machine (and my very own bed!). Being on London Ontario for the last four months has been a huge learning experience. But now I want to do some more learning with fabric and thread :)

So, after much turkey and all of the fixings I am at the machine today catting up on some unfinished projects and maybe starting a new one (cross your fingers!). 

So what did I catch up on you ask? Stash Bee Blocks!

A Wonky Log Cabin - this block was fun and easy to make. Even though I know this is meant to be a stash busting bee, I am always worried the fabrics that I pick will match with the other participants. But from the in progress picture below, it fit right in.

A Dresden - All I can say about this block is AGGRAVATION! I invested in a new Dresden ruler to make life easier, but after two tries I could not get the block to "close" without significant puckering. The worst part is that I am not sure what I was doing wrong. I ended up sending this block (such as it was), and a lot of extra fabric so that the hive leader for the month could make another...

A Flower - This is October's block and I am not going to lie, it freaked me out! Design a flower in my head and then make it! Crazy talk. But some exploring on flicker, I found some inspiration and off I went. It was very simple and I got a chance to play around with the applique stitches on my machine which was fun.

So, it's 3:30, plenty of time to put in another movie and start something new. I have a pile of scraps on my floor begging to be made into postage stamps, and I have some amazing fall color squares waiting for half square triangle time....what to do?

Come visit again to see who won!

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