Wednesday 31 October 2012

Storms & Fabric

A little fact about me...I am married. I live in Ottawa, Ontario and my husband lives in the Catskills in New York. Sure, long distance relations have their challenges, like super storms coming aground and you are not together. So this week, as Cyclone Sandy threatened NY, I headed South to hole up with my hubby and our "Kids" (two cats and the sweetest dog ever). We were a lot luckier than those on the coast. We did have rain and wind, but with our 12 hrs of power loss and all of our trees still standing we consider ourselves very lucky.

When the power goes out - it's card and ice cream for us (It could have melted and been wasted!)

One of the benefits of a cross-border romance is the shopping! I often order fabric from US websites and have shipped to my NY home (I sound pretty important huh? "NY home", trust me, not so much). The thing is, when I visit NY I get super surprises in the mail, because I often forget what I have ordered. So this visit was awesome, because there have been some great sales on at Pink Chalk Fabrics and the Fat Quarter Shop. Here's what I got:

And a great pattern - cannot wait to try this one.

So, with all of this travelling, storming and shopping, there has not been much sewing this week. But things are looking week is vacation for me, and I have brought my postage stamps along with me to work on.

Next week is all about sleeping in and quilting. Yay me!
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