Wednesday 24 October 2012

Stamps: W.I.P. Wednesday

1,200. That is the number of 2" squares I placed and fused yesterday.

I am following Elizabeth Hartman's tutorial using fusible interfacing to make 100 square blocks. The technique is just awesome. I needed to start by making myself a pressing board. A quick trip to Home Depot and I had a piece of plywood. Some spare fabric, batting, a staple gun and good ole' duct tape (my Dad's fave) and I am set!

Another trip to the fabric store and I found a rocking deal on fusible interfacing. It was marked with a grid, but I found my 2 inch squares overlapped the grid, so I just made sure I started with one side of super straight blocks and then moved out from there. Elizabeth was right, you really need a "scant 2" block" for this project. Nevertheless, I am super happy with how pretty they look. Now to sew all of those suckers together!

So when I started cutting my scraps up, I thought I might have enough for two or three 100 square blocks. I had enough to make 12! So depending on layout, I could make one or two quilt tops... Any layout ideas for me?



  1. Wow, that looks impressive! There are some great scraps in there :)

  2. This is awesome! I love this method of joining lots of tiny blocks. My go-to size is 1" finished though... :) I like everything tiny. A question though - how much did the board cost? I don't have a staple gun so I guess I'd have to invest in one of those - but I never know what I'm doing when I go to the hardware store for wood. :)

  3. 1"!Think I will try 2" first :) I didn't know what I was doing when I went to Home deopt either. I just asked for a 2x2 piece of plywood and they had them already pre-cut. It was $6. I borrowed the staple gun.

  4. I love all of you fabric! I'm your newest follower :)

    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

    1. Welome Shannon! So great to have you here:)I follow you too!