Tuesday 26 March 2013

Starburst Mini: A Finish

Here it is - my first mini!

This is the first quilt in the Fresh Mini Quilt Club . It was so fun to make. I cannot wait to see what April brings.

In a timely post, Megan, at Canoe Ridge Creations talked this week about tips and tricks for perfect straight-line quilting. This method of quilting really speaks to me - WAY less intimidating that FMQing :) I did try straight-line quilting last year with mixed results. But while I ran into some obstacles, I was super stoked about the effect that it gives to the finished quilt, so I am going to practice until I get this right. Following Megan's tips (which you can read in full here), this is what I did:


one // a good baste- I basted with spray baste. I love this stuff. 

two // new needle - Check!

three // walking foot - Never leave home without it

four // "needle-down" position - Check!

five // thread - Now this one is tricky. I have always used Gutermann because it is affordable, easily available in my local sewing shops, and I didn't know any different. I see that most quilters use Aurifil, but I just cannot justify spending that extra money. Is this bad? Probably, but ti is what it is.

Six // slow & steady - This was a BIG challenge for me. I sew like I am in a Formula One Race - Fast! How the heck was I going to go slow and steady?? Well, my machine has a (cute) speed guide. I turned her down to turtle and now matter how much I pressed the gas pedal, my machine kept me on track. Going to use this feature more. 


seven // marking - I did not mark. I started by following one pieced seam that ran straight through the top and then used the side of my presser foot to guide me from there. I am not against marking, just impatient :) 

After reading the comments on Megan's original post I also added these steps:

eight // I increased my stitch length a bit. I chose 3, but I think next time I could go bigger

nine // I reversed direction on each row to help reduce distortion

How did all of this go? Swimmingly! I did run into a small problem with a bulky seam, and I tend to get crooked near the end of a quilting line for some reason, but these are learning's and not the end of the world.

On the back I added a couple of hanging corners (I always forget this part, and was in fact halfway through my binding before I remembered), which will hopefully make it easy for this Minis new owner to hang in their home. This quilt is going to be my first Creative Pay it Forward for the year. I wonder who will get it in their mail box??

 A couple more last looks, and then I need to go and get dressed! Seemed more fun to finish off this baby in my PJ's.

Have a Great Day!


  1. Love the straight line stitching - seems like it should be effortless but of course that is just silly,

  2. It seems to me that nothing in quilting is effortless, but it is worth the effort! (groan, corny!)

  3. That looks great! I keep saying I need to do a mini but never do. oh, and I swear by Gutermann. I have some Aurifil I got a quilt market but only use for special small projects.

  4. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone in the Gutermann camp! It will continue to be my go to:)

  5. This looks beautiful in the colours you have used and I love the quilting too. Mt sewing machine tens to sew better with Gutermann thread too although I haven't yet tried Aurifil.

    1. Thank you Kirsten. I haven't tried Aurifil either, but I think I will stick with what works :)