Sunday 24 March 2013

The Process Pledge

For the last few days I have been trying to figure out how to get social media buttons on my blog. Let's just say that I am not "techie", so this type of thing can be quite a challenge (aka pain in the butt) for me. After a lot of trial and error I finally did get some working buttons (look right!), but as I was trying to make this work I was thinking about why I blog? Why do I need Social Buttons for in the first place? Sometimes all of this connectedness can get very overwhelming. 

This looks so cute, it sure does not relay the pain it is to figure all of this social media stuff out :)
So why do I blog? Writing and pushing the "publish" button for me has become part of the process for making something by hand. I have always liked to document my process through pictures. I used to keep a scrapbook of quilts that I made. I think this blog is my electronic scrapbook (I would take a pic to show you, but I am in the middle of a move and all things scrapbook are packed...)

The other thing I like to do is talk about the process of making something. I don't like to just post pictures of finished quilts / projects, I want to talk about everything and show it all! When I visit other blogs I am looking for the process there as well. So much to learn and love out there! 

All of this deep thinking (ha, trust me, it's not that deep, more like a shallow pond) reminded me about the Process Pledge which I saw on Rossie Blog some time ago. Rossie says it brilliantly: 

"The goal of the process pledge is to create a new sensibility in quilting blogs where we don’t just show finishes or occasionally confess about our moments of indecision, but chat openly and often about our works in progress, our inspirations, and our moments of decision. I know that many of us are already posting about our thinking on quilts and the processes involved from start to finish, let's do more!  And let's post about quilts as we work on them.  I want to see more half-done quilts, not just the finished thing with a journal entry about the process."

Over 850 others have already taken the pledge, and I am now ready:

I, Adrienne, pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them in the in words or be sure I’m being totally clear.  I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there.   

So you probably can't hear it, but trumpets just went off, fireworks flashed and generally a big moment passed. All very exciting! (it's ok if you just rolled your eyes, I did).

To kick off this new pledge I guess I should actually tell you how I got those buttons to work
  • First I searched for free buttons. Free because this is just for fun folks! I found a wonderful set with lots of color options here at Carrie Loves
  • Next I needed to learn how to install the darned things. I searched A LOT for a step by step, simply explained process. I found it here at Beautiful Dawn Designs   
That's it! (wow that does not convey my hours of struggles, but I'm cool with that!).

So will you take the pledge?
I wonder what I will work on tomorrow? But be sure I will be back to tell you all about it.

Thanks for reading today's ramblings


  1. Food for thought...I have been blogging for over five years now. Why don't I show my progress? I love to read other bloggers quilty progress. Hmmmm

  2. Makes you think doesn't it :)

  3. It's all about the process! The people who are interested in quilt blogs are quilters. We want in depth blogs. Thanks for this post.