Sunday 9 June 2013

The power of the orb

Today I made this

I mean come on! Not that I think I am all that and a bag of chips, but this block is AMAZING! Not because of my great sewing skills, but because of the design. I have had this block, Elizabeth Hartman's  Octagonal Orb, on my bucket list for a couple of years. But you know how it goes, other projects get in the way and stuff gets farther and farther to the end of the list. But Nataki over at the Stash Bee picked this block for her June selection and I was so excited!

I must say that the pattern was super easy to follow. I started by choosing my fabrics. Nataki wanted particular color combos, radiating from light to dark. I chose Yellow, Green and Blue, because those are my go to (and make me so happy).

I actually cut enough to make two blocks. I figured since I was into it, I might as well make one for me too, I think a pillow is in order

Since my stash is still in storage three provinces away, I had to take a trip to my local sewing store to get some fabrics for this block (what a shame I had to shop). It has been four years since I was there and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to see an expanded quilting section and a great selection of Kona Solids. Yay! Maybe moving so far from the USA is not going to be as bad as I thought... I love it when even fabric scraps need their picture taken because they are so delicious

The only adjustment that I had to make with the pattern was that it called for template plastic which I did not have on hand (again in a storage locker somewhere), so I used printer paper. When it came time to use it I just folded the paper down on the seam line so that I could match up with the seam, and then folded back up to cut after I put a pin in to secure. Easy peesy.

Even the backside of this beauty makes me smile

I will let you know how the pillow turns out, I think it will be great for the new house!

Not to be out shined I also made this block today for another Hive of Stash Bee.

The Swoon Block is another that I have been meaning to make. I saw a lot of it a year or so ago when it was a trend, I am usually behind the times. For example I have yet to make a scrappy trip around the world :) But I must say, now that I have made this one, I am a bit over it. It is quite a fussy block, and I was very unhappy with un-matching points etc. But, you need to love things the way they are :)

So, that's me, caught up on my Bee Blocks so that I can work  on my Triangles Quilt this week. Also, on the agenda, Blog improvements brought on by amazing conversation with all of the participants of the Let's Get Acquainted New Blogger Blog Hop. All of the participants have been e-mailing like crazy, talking about what we like / don't like about blogs and even giving each other some constructive feedback on each others spaces. I am learning so much.

So don't forget to Hop over to this week's featured Bloggers. So much talent out there!

Friday, June 7th
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Do you blog? Any tips for newbies?

See you soon!


  1. Gorgeous blocks Adrienne! The colours you picked for your swoon are fantastic. And that center print is delicious! What is it?!

    1. Thanks! I wish I could tell you about the center print. It has no markings whatsoever, about the only thing I know is it is 100% cotton :) My roomate picked it out of a random bin of fat quarters, holding it up saying "You will like this one!". She was right:)

  2. Gorgeous blocks Adrienne! I have just recently come across that orb block...scary hard looking. Your fabrics worked so well. Swoon is on my list too...someday:)

    1. I am here to tell you that I too was afraid of the complexity of the Orb Block, BUT it is not hard at all! The instructions are very clear, I found it really fun to make. I made the second one tonight. One hour start to finish and a nice big block for a pillow. So don't be afraid - go for it!