Wednesday 18 September 2013


There has been a general ruckus in life theses days. Nothing serious, just day job brouhaha and such. I haven't been here with you in over a week, and I haven't been anywhere near the sewing machine. It cries in the studio, longing for attention. Soon my friend, soon.

This week I am in Ottawa, and while I packed my travel EPP (English Paper Piecing) kit, I have only opened it to stare longingly at the pretty fabric...

But I did do some EPP this weekend, getting fifty hexies basted and ready for some whip stitching! Sounds like I am going to torture the poor things...

I am really hoping to get some sewing time in this weekend. I have LOTS of WiPs, let me repeat that, A LOT of WiPs, so I better get my sewing butt in gear!

In the mean time, here are a couple of pics from this past weekend, where I had a couple of days away in Sheerbrooke (on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia). Good friends, food, laughs, campfires and rivers rushing by. I am feeling grateful for the little things.

I hope you are managing your brouhaha this week!


  1. I'm sorry work has been stressful :( HOpefully you will get some sewing therapy soon!

  2. I am sure that life will settle back down, and we will be admiring your wonderful work in no time. Beautiful hexies. Looks like lots of fun, too!