Sunday 8 September 2013

Stamps, Hexies & Yard Sale Finds

Today I sewed! This is big news. September is here, vacations are over, kids are in school and work is back in high gear. Darn you day job! More than a couple of times this week I thought "I would rather be quilting" :) Alas, it is Sunday and I am sitting down at the machine for the first time. I am working on Melanie's Postage Stamp quilt.

Back in February I made my first Postage Stamp quilt. Melanie had her eye on it, but wanted something a bit bigger. I enjoyed making it so much and the fabrics were so delicious that I agreed to make her one. I used the same technique that I learned from Elizabeth Hartman to make the postage stamp blocks using fusible interfacing. I love this method! Such a great way to get accurate piecing. The only thing I would change is that next time I will be on the hunt for an interfacing that is lighter in weight.

Another change that I made this time around was that instead of two inch "stamps", I used three inch. This meant I only had to piece 500 stamps instead of 1500! So maybe I chickened out, but also, the fabrics are so good, I like the bigger size so that you can see them (they are all Amy Butler and Heather Bailey).

Anywho, today I finished the top and it is all basted and ready for quilting.Perchance I will have a finish to share in a couple of weeks, mind you I have a week-long trip to Ottawa in there, so maybe three weeks....

In preparation for that business trip, my travel Hexie kit is all ready to go.

I took it with me while I was getting my car fixed on Friday for a trial run. I think I have everything I need, except maybe a pair of glasses. Oh dear, it is getting hard to thread a needle, sigh. But I can report that I like English Paper Piecing even more than I thought I would!

These Flea Market Fancy Hexies are making me so darned happy. Not sure what they will be yet, but I have 150 to make, so we shall see...

Yesterday the girls and I hit the 50 Mile Yards Sale in a neighboring community. It was a glorious sunny fall day and we had lots of laughs (even when I got us lost!). Here is Barb sussing out some fabric for us. I bought a cool black and white sheet which will make an amazing quilt back for $2!

Barb was also the one who made the find of the day

Isn't this amazing! Barb and I were both smitten and after much "no, you have it", I made the deal and it came home with me, mind you Barb has visitation rights:) I cannot wait to try it!

So how are you coping with Fall "back to business'? I hope you are getting lot's of quilty time in!

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  1. Love the colors in your postage stamp!

  2. Back to school means back to full sewing days for me so I'm looking forward to some great productive days!

    So glad to hear from you. Just yesterday I was thinking that I hadn't read a post from you in a long time.

    That postage tamp is looking fantastic! And what a score on the Singer :)

  3. The post stamp block looks really gorgeous! perfect weather! Oh I miss the sunshine

  4. Loving your postage stamp work! And awesome score finding the Singer... i've been glued to kijiji looking for the perfect one for the last month or so, can't wait to hear more about it!

  5. great postage stamps, I have never seen that method. thanks for sharing it

  6. The Sewing Machine was a real score. Awesome. I am curious... where in HRM would you get such a gem serviced? Love the postage stamp quilts. Would have done the same about the size of squares...

  7. Hi! Looks fabulous with the small stamps! So beautiful colours and fabrics!

  8. fabulous score on the sewing machine! and i love your postage stamp quilt color palette. I don't think that choosing 3 inch squares is chickening out at ALL, haha!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation