Wednesday 30 August 2017

Summer 16 Quilt

Welcome back! I want to share my Summer 16 quilt today. This quilt was a custom order that I worked on over the winter months. My friend wanted a bright summery quilt for her bed in a new condo and in time for summer! Her inspiration were the quilts made by Rita at Red Pepper Quilts. I don't blame her, I love all of Rita's work!

This quilt is full of "special" hoarded fabrics from my stash that make me smile. I mean look at that wee bicycle! Baguette and a glass of wine anyone?

I called it summer 16 because I had every intention of making 16 patches and building the quilt from there. It didn't quite go that way, but the name stuck! here are some "in the making" shots...

Original fabric pull

My helper.

This ended up being a big queen like 90 x 90, it was fun quilting! (she says sarcastically)

Decisions about binding and backing...We went pink!
I really loved working on this quilt through the winter. On some of the coldest days we had I would pull out the white and brightly colored squares and work away, dreaming of summer days...

Do you have a favorite summer versus winter quilt? I switch mine out all the time!

Thanks for coming to visit, I'll have more to catch you up on soon!


  1. This is beautiful! And it is big!! I have a quilt top that is almost 90" x 90" which is next on my quilting list. Any tips for quilting something this big on a domestic machine?

  2. So bright and wonderful! You're brave to tackle such a big quilt, and it turned out great :)

    I have a summer "quilt" that has no batting, just a top and backing lightly stitched together. It's perfect for when the temperatures are in the 80s at night.

  3. Happy, happy quilt. Perfect for warm summer nights.

  4. What fun fabrics! You were right to go with the pink binding. And I love the backing. A lovely finish!

  5. Just seeing your quilt makes me smile - it looks so cheery! And the backing is perfect for the project.

  6. I love the simplicity of Rita's work, too! So fresh and clean looking! You've certainly captured that look here! Lovely quilt!