Friday 18 August 2017

Yadda Yadda: Pillows

Yup, we are still getting you caught up on my no-blogging activities!

I have more pillows to share! You know the thing about pillows, unlike quilts, they are quicker to finish! They are a great way to practice skills on smaller projects and their own little stitchy instant gratification.

Here are some that have passed through the Janome while I haven 't been blogging....first some flags...

I had a lot of fun making this special custom order, a Canadian and Union Jack flag combined for a newly minted Canadian Citizen from Britain!
This adorable Sleepy Fox is a paper pieced pattern that I tested for 3rd Story Workshop. This is only the top but it has made it into a full pillow now. You can get the pattern here...
Again this year I am participating in the #87pillows charitable project to give handmade pillows to residents of Long Term Care Facilities in Dartmouth. The wonderful endeavour is the brainchild of my friend Jeanette and I hope we do it every single year. This is a sample of some of the pillows I made this year.

This fun Hazel and a matching scrappy bolster were custom orders. I love Hedgehogs!

And, for fun, some happy sunny pineapple pillows. Can't get enough of these!

Are you sick of my updates yet? Because there is more to come! Talk to ya later!


  1. Love your pillows! The American flag and the Pineapple are now on my list to make!

  2. All great pillows. You have been busy.

  3. Love Hazel! So this is what you have been up to, making a bunch of lovely pillows. Great job.

  4. Never sick of your posts! The residents will LOVE the pillows. What a great cause.

  5. I love homemade pillows and dream of the day I have my own couch to fill them with! Love the variety, they are all so fun! 😊